Welcome! My name’s Maggy. I am a bodyworker, an educator and multi-passionate entrepreneur. I’ve spent more than 20 years in the massage industry and every year, I become more engaged. Massage started as a way to pay the bills but became my obsession – while earning my degree in Kinesiology, my Anatomy and Biomechanics courses helped me take my practice to the next level. 

I stay on top of emerging trends by continuing to further my education and training; I develop and teach curriculum on sports massage, advanced anatomy and therapeutic practices to students and professionals alike.

I specialize in helping my clients reconnect with their bodies and find relief from their chronic pain, inflammation and discomfort. I utilize various techniques in my work spanning sports massage, medical massage, and orthopedic neuromuscular feedback. These modalities coupled with cutting edge tools and technology create powerful, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving treatments. 

Ultimately, it’s my purpose to support you in finding relief from your chronic pain, discomfort and inflammation by helping you reconnect and find balance in your body. 

See you on the table!



Many different styles and techniques will be used to relieve stressed and aching muscles. Heavy pressure is applied to the body to release those tired and sore areas along with stretching to increase mobility


The classic massage technique that makes your body feel great. This is the perfect massage to combat stress and unwind the mind. The Swedish massage uses long, rhythmic strokes to promote improved circulation and induce relaxation.


Designed to give much needed relief to the mother-to-be. Enjoy a comfortable and soothing experience to help your body relax and help you mind find rest. Promotes relief from your weight-bearing tension, increase circulation and reduce swelling while relaxing you and baby.


Recommended for advanced athletes and weekend warriors alike. Can be used immediately before/after an event that uses intense physical activity or to regularly to keep you body functioning at it’s best. This can be vigorous and uses cross fiber friction, stretching, compression and neurological techniques.


Cupping helps bring blood flow to the areas that are needed to promote a healthy recovery. Cups can be fully customized as far as suction and intensity and can be used through dynamic application (movement) or static (staying in one spot). Bruising is to be expected, but they will usually subside within a week.


Scraping is used to break up the scar tissue and stuck fascia to promote healing. This modality is applied through a stainless Steele scraping tool and designed to break-down the scar tissue and promote appropriate healing. Bruising or soreness is to be expected, but it will usually subside within a few days.


Reiki means “universal life energy.” It’s an ancient healing method that manipulates energy flow in the body. In the Reiki practice, there is an energy force in and around the body, Reiki harnesses the flow of energy between the reiki practitioner and the receiver of the treatment to promote cellular and energetic healing.

Packages & Discounts

Regular bodywork helps to keep your body working optimally. Packages are for those who make their bodies health a priority. Receive a $10 discount off each massage when you purchase a package.

*Please note the packages reflect price adjustment starting 3/1/24

4x 60 MINUTE SESSIONS $500 ($125/session)

3x 90 MINUTE SESSIONS $495 ($165/session)